Gallery 6

Unconventional Materials

December 3, 2016 - February 23, 2017

Where there is an idea, there is a way to express it. Where there is a material, there is a way to turn it into art. In the Children’s Museum of NH’s Gallery 6 winter exhibition, the museum challenges artists to transform unconventional materials into something beautiful, thought-provoking or just plain fun! Artists use their materials in a way that transcends their original purpose. The aim of this exhibition is to not only show materials that are unconventional, but also to alter the way people think about everyday objects.

The participating artists are: Barbara Albert, Lin Albertson-Thorpe, Taintor Child, Eve Corey, Elizabeth Doherty, Caryn Duncan, Danielle Festa, Marcia Hansen, Joe Kennedy, Students from Mind’s Eye Studio, Nancy Morgan, Michal Smiglowski and Beth Wittenberg.

Opening Soon

MOSAIC: Exploring Our Multicultural Neighborhood
March 4 - Labor Day, 2017

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire’s upcoming Gallery 6 art exhibition aims to promote appreciation and inclusion of other cultures through the arts.

Native Americans have occupied the region known as New England for approximately 10,000 years. The 2017 MOSAIC program aims to raise visitors' awareness and stimulate their curiosity to know more about the culture of the indigenous people who lived here before the arrival of Europeans. The exhibition and related programs will focus primarily on the culture, traditions, habitats and aspects of the everyday life of a child living in an Abenaki Village. Using photography, drawings, diagrams, scale models, artifacts, text, and stories/myths that illustrate the Abenaki experience, the exhibition will be structured around the thirteen months of the lunar calendar. Exhibiting artists include Vita Lane, Teri Weidner, Robert Squire, Taylore Kelly, Jeannie Brett, Joe Reardon and Tess Feltes.

Gallery 6 Mission

Gallery 6 exhibitions celebrate and promote the arts in New Hampshire and beyond. The gallery space is designed to blend into the Children's museum of New Hampshire Studio space where children's artwork hangs, connecting the playful creativity of children to the serious investigations of artists. Our high-caliber exhibitions are often based on a theme that has relevance to other Children's Museum of New Hampshire exhibits, that promotes creativity or is of particular interest to families.

The Children's Museum of New Hampshire schedules 4-6 exhibits a year and has these exhibitions planned many months in advance.

Gallery 6 is open during regular Children's Museum of New Hampshire hours and there is no charge to view the exhibit. (Those wishing to visit the rest of the Children's Museum of New Hampshire as well must pay regular admission.)

Gallery 6 is supported by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the Fuller Foundation.


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