Un MOSAICO de Culturas

Childrens  Museum  Wm 1172

Becky Fields, "Somali Cousins, Manchester, 2013"

Un MOSAICO de Culturas para ser Exploradas en el Museo del Niño de New Hampshire

Galería 6, el espacio reservado para el arte en el Museo del Niño de New Hampshire, tendrá la apertura de una nueva exhibición el 5 de marzo, y presentará el arte de diversas culturas. MOSAICO: Explorando nuestra comunidad Multicultural, simultáneamente llevará a cabo una celebración especial de la exploración cultural, el sábado 12 de marzo, en donde los asistentes podrán degustar la cocina del Norte de África, disfrutar el baile y la música tradicional de Bután, probar sus destrezas con el pincel en la pintura China y formar parte de un proyecto de arte comunitario.

El arte visto en MOSAICO incluirá fotografías de inmigrantes y refugiados que viven en New Hampshire tomadas del libro Raíces Diferentes, Sueños en Común de Becky Field, el cual salió en el otoño del 2015. El fotógrafo David Hiley, quien viajó a Haití con un grupo del litoral, profesionales médicos voluntarios de NH en coordinación con la Fundación Sanitara de Haití, presentarán las series ‘selfies’ de niños y padres Haitianos. “Me llamo la atención lo que vi entre la desgarradora pobreza y la vitalidad y dignidad de esos niños”, “comentó David”. “Permitiendo capturar la curiosidad y alegría en común que todos los niños tenían por todas partes”. Asimismo serán expuestas fotografías de niños de China, tomadas por el pediatra jubilado Skip Small y se vislumbrará la vida de un niño de Japón capturado por Sayaka y Seth Blewitt. También estarán en muestra muñecas de alrededor del mundo seleccionadas de la colección del Museo.

La celebración especial de MOSAICO, promete ser tan diversa como las culturas presentadas en el arte mismo. El evento se llevará a cabo de 11am-2pm el sábado 12 de marzo en el Museo del Niño de New Hampshire en Dover. Los asistentes que vengan en sus trajes típicos (disfraces de superhéroes y princesas no aplican) pagarán la mitad en su admisión individual. De 10:45 am-a mediodía el chef Patrice Gerard capacitado en Europa, hará una demostración de la cocina del Norte de África y los invitados podrán degustar su tajine vegetariana con cuscús. Becky Field estará accesible para hablar de su proyecto fotográfico y su trabajo de documentación cultural, étnico y la diversidad religiosa en NH. A las 11:30am y 1pm bailarines de Bután harán una demostración de su baile y de su música tradicional en el Estudio Muse. David Hiley caminará alrededor del Museo tomando “selfies” a los invitados que vengan vestidos con sus trajes típicos. Runjuan Huang hará una demostración de la pintura China con pincel y los asistentes podrán también intentar hacerlo o ayudar a crear el proyecto comunitario, el cual, una vez completado será colocado en el exterior de Museo del Niño. La apertura de la celebración de los eventos son gratuitos con su admisión regular del museo.

La exhibición MOSAICO estará a la vista hasta el martes, 13 de mayo y es patrocinada por Optima Bank and Trust, el Consejo Estatal de Artes de New Hampshire y la Fundación Fuller. Además de la exposición de arte y la celebración especial, cada dos semanas los educadores del Museo harán manualidades y actividades culturales de diferentes países en el estudio Muse. Los países, en orden de aparición, incluirán Tanzania, Perú, Haití, Islandia, Japón , Pakistán y Canadá. A Finales de mayo, proyectos y situaciones acerca de los 7 países estarán juntos en exhibición en el Estudio Muse.

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Gallery 6: Out of this World

Artist Interviews

by Taylore Kelly

Beth Wittenberg

Q. Your pieces are very whimsical, light and energetic. The color is phenomenal and seems ultra intuitive. The bird theme is enticing. How do you bring your creatures to life?

A. I have no preconceived notions or ideas when starting a painting. I start with the white of the paper. I begin by laying colors down rapidly. I allow the paint to dry. Once the paint has dried I turn the paper in all directions and spend a good amount of time looking at the colors and shapes until I "see" something. I begin by making the first marks with a pen. One mark informs the next until the drawing is completed. My process is similar to looking at clouds and finding hidden creatures. I allow the colors and shapes to speak to me. I am always in a state of wonder when i see what is revealed. My process is very exciting for me because I never know what is going to show up. I hope the viewers have enjoyed the exhibition.

Bill Baber

Q. Your work has an extremely deep, calming and electric ambiance to them. They drew me right in and I wished I was there, at those places. It should be this way was a beautiful title. What did you mean by that title?

A. Most of my images bring together elements from many photographs. It should be this way is different in that it began and ended with a single photograph. I am always at a loss to explain how my images come to be. Most of my life is consumed with the search for clarity out of a sea of objective data. Creating these pieces allows me to go to a totally different place where things just happen. This piece happened to an image that began with considerable natural beauty. It moved from a place I experienced to a place the way it might be had the image come in a dream thus "It should be this way."

Wolfgang Ertl

Q. I noticed the title Reverie, was thematic in your work, and know that definition to be a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts. Your work actually drew me in and gave me a relaxed far away feeling. This happened before I read the title. Did you plan on engaging and drawing the viewer in or are these beautiful, colorful pieces about something else?

A. Thank you very much for your kind comments. Your observations concerning my “Reverie” series are certainly spot on. The abstract pastel “Reverie 5” reflects a calm and playful disposition and invites the viewer to enter and explore a world of colors, lines, and forms. While based on observing and experiencing real landscapes like my more representational paintings, the oil “Reverie” is an imaginary landscape. Like the pastel “Reverie 5” it can be seen as an “inner landscape,” perhaps a bit more enigmatic or mystical than the abstract pastel. Some of my artwork is consciously or subconsciously influenced by my lifelong engagement with literature, especially lyric poetry.

Sue Pretty

Q. Your work has a very tranquil quality about it. It definitely reminds me of pointillism. It seems one would have to have a lot of patience to work the way you do. It's beautiful and admirable. Noticing that one of the pieces is called "Balance" made sense to me, because your work felt very balanced.
Each one of your paintings has flowing clouds in them and a cup, what were you thinking about when these were created?

A. These pieces are part of my China Series. My grandmother emigrated from England. I have quite a collection of you china, even a tea set of Royal Dalton. The thread of the environment and its destruction and fragmentation has run through my work as an obsession for a number of years. I have trucks and heavy equipment destroying the landscape. Rather than bulldozing my message through (which is not always very well received) I thought I'd try to tackle this with humor and a lighter touch. I think the china makes a good jumping off point. Each piece of china in Balance has a different environment. The teapot has an underworld with brightly colored fish, another flamingos in the everglades, caribou on the tundra and the plate a snake in the grass. These fragile environments very precariously balanced. It also reflects in my personal life an effort to bring everything into balance. The painting Cup with a Desert Landscape on a Snake Table Cloth deals with are efforts to reduce nature’s beautiful landscapes into a item for sale just a decoration, not experienced firsthand and in danger. The painting Moose Cup With a Eurasian Milfoil Table Cloth looks at invasive plants and the destruction they cause. The Eurasian milfoil just one of the many plants. These plants are transported on the propellers of the boats to other bodies of water not infected. I’m not sure if the bright orange and yellow equipment bulldozing the landscape or the more playful china images are more effective in getting my point across. Multiple approaches reach hopefully more people.

Phillip Singer

Q. Where do your ideas come from? The relationship between the animals and their environment and each other is a force to be reckoned with! I found them so riveting and beautiful. What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can't live without when making art?

A. Thanks for contacting me. I’m flattered and I’m glad you like the work. I am always asked “where do my ideas come from?” Whats funny is I mentally shrug my shoulders when people ask that question and think to myself. …. Ummm “I don’t know” However when I see other peoples work I think, “Where the heck did they get that idea from?”.. So I do understand why people ask. I really don’t have a surefire process for my ideas. They are a mix of so many of the artists I’ve admired since my school days. Surreal artists, my mentor Marvin Mattelson, and Illustrators I’ve loved. But we’re also bombarded with imagery every day. I’m always playing with images in my mind. So If I see something I like… an animal or a plant, I just play with it in my mind and on the drawing pad until I get a juxtaposition that intrigues me. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes its not. The quick ideas are few and far between. Is there something I can’t live without when making my art? Yes, GOOD BRUSHES! I have many many brushes. Old brushes get used to create textures. Some brushes are stiff, some are soft but when I get towards the finish I need good brushes that hold their shape.

Victoria Elbroch

Q. There are times when a subject has trouble coming to life but clearly this is not the case with your beautiful theme of trees. They have a real mysterious quality to them. How has your style changed over the years?

A. I have always drawn trees but started with line etchings from sketches and now use many mediums from ink to dry pigments. I used to render each twig but am starting to let the viewer fill in what is not complete, adding to the mystery. Thank you for a great question!

Brian Cartier

Q. Your work of art in the show really draws you in with the energy of what appears to be a Phoenix like creature? The title Evolat is latin for "to fly"? Is this correct? What was your creative process when creating this painting?

A. Evolat is indeed a Phoenix, and was commissioned by a local woman who has since become a very close and special friend. The piece is actually very special to me, as the timing of her reaching out to ask me to create it, was just as I was beginning to 'rise out of the ashes' myself after a failed attempt of starting my own business, which I had literally put everything I had into. It was one of my first commissions of 2015, which has been my most successful year as an Artist thus far (2016 is certainly building off of that momentum). So the piece itself is representative of having to sometimes reach your lowest lows, to experience your highest highs. If you look very closely, within the wings, you'll find the quote "Alis volat propriis" which is a favorite of the client, along with her love of the fictitious bird and triumphs in her own life challenges, ultimately her inspiration to commission the piece. Another reason this piece is also special to me, is because I had actually attempted to paint one a few years ago, and was so unsatisfied with it that I covered over it, and had always been wanting to try again, it's rare that a custom commission is something your excited to create. This piece was certainly a challenge, I achieved the affect of the fire by using different smudging techniques and washing out areas with very diluted paint. This particular piece of art was created from a place of found solace after experiencing one of the most challenging times in my life (so far), and I wanted to challenge myself to achieve something in this painting that I previously could not.

Sam Paolini

Q. Your creatures all seem so dynamic and happy and alive. Very energetic and bold! Is there a work of art you have done that you are particularly proud of? If so why?

A. My creatures are happy because I was not when I made them. It's like a kind of therapy; I force the smile out with bubbly cheery critters and they can cheer me up, and hopefully cheer up other people too. I also imagined the dark cold winter approaching, and because I get depressed in the winter, I thought everyone could use a little brightening up when they drive through downtown. So far its worked for me! I am most proud of the public artwork that I've done. It's such an honor to be featured in a place that anyone can see my art without having to seek it out, walk through a door, or pay a fee. My mural at the Dover Skatepark was my #1, but now it's definitely the Children's Museum!

Fleur Palau

Q. I must ask if you have bunnies? There seems to be a theme in your paintings with these furry creatures. These two paintings show such a strong character in each and every one of their faces. What is it about Rabbits/Bunnies that inspires you so much? They are beautiful, I love them!

A. About what inspires me about my rabbits...it's really impossible to explain. The mystery of it leads me to include them in my work either as the main subject or as an antidote. Sometimes they are a vehicle for pure fantasy and sometimes just an element of wild nature as a contrast to the human. But if I were to figure it all out and explain it what purpose would that serve? Only to flatten out and limit the possibilities for myself and the viewer.
So that's my paultry answer. I really don't know!

Marina Forbes

Q. The texture in your paintings is quite vivid and draws the viewer in. Is there an element of art you enjoy working with the most?

A. For me, my creative work is always joyful and rewarding. I have a “Russian soul,” and my art is infused with my heritage and my unique perspective on the world around me. In my contemporary work, I integrate traditional themes with the freedom and exuberance of new artistic forms. My contemporary work is always well researched and filled with diverse traditional themes and styles combined with the freedom and exuberance of Constructivist forms. My ultimate goal is always to satisfy my creative impulse by producing lasting works of great imagination, strength, universality, dignity and spirituality.

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Pajama Day Returns to CMNH

Pajama Day  Foote Family In Cafe

The Children’s Museum of NH will host its second annual Pajama Day on Friday, February 19 from 10am-5pm. Kids and parents are invited to wear pajamas to play in the museum and enjoy special night-themed activities.

“Winter is a hard time for kids and for parents,” explained Museum President Jane Bard. “We started Pajama Day last winter as a chance to break up the monotony and it was a big hit with our guests. We thought it would be fun to do it again and have a day where everyone – including our staff – could wear cozy pajamas to the museum. Our education team has some great night-themed activities including a special astronomy project about the moon! We are all looking forward to seeing everyone come in wearing colorful pj’s, slippers and robes!”

During Pajama Day, guests can learn about nocturnal animals and the sounds they make, listen to night-time themed story reading, make owl crafts in the Muse Studio, and more. All activities are included in the museum’s regular admission price: $10 for children and adults over 12 months of age and $9 for seniors (65+). Admission is always free for Children’s Museum Members, and reservations are not required.


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Dental Health Month Returns to CMNH

Dental Health2015  Mc Conathy  Dr Hanna And Finn

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire Celebrates Dental Health Month

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire has partnered with two dozen area dentists during the month of February for a variety of fun programs centered on dental health. Children’s Dental Health Month is a program developed by the American Dental Association that has grown from a two-city event in 1941 into a nationwide program celebrated across the US. Throughout the month Museum educators will offer Storytime with a variety of teeth-themed picture books, share fun facts about teeth, show x-rays of teeth below the gumline, compare teeth of various animal skulls and lead toothbrush painting and other art activities and experiments. Sponsoring dentists will visit the Museum and give tips on flossing, brushing and eating well, as well as talk about how the food we eat helps or hurts our teeth. Every child who visits during February will get a free toothbrush and toothpaste to take home, thanks to the Museum’s Toothbrush Sponsor, Great Outdoors Pediatric Dentistry.

“Dental Health Month is the perfect opportunity to interact with our neighbors and have some fun promoting our mission of education in good oral health habits for children and adults,” shared Dr. Robert Christian, DDS of Keystone Dental Arts. “We really strive to be a resource to NH families,” said Paula Rais, Vice President of Development and Community Engagement at the Children’s Museum. “Whenever we can we try to partner with local experts who can talk to our guests and offer them timely resources. It adds another level to what we do here. Plus, who wouldn’t want to go home with a free toothbrush, toothpaste and a tooth fairy envelope!?”

Sponsors for Dental Health Month include Cochecho Family Dentistry, Seacoast Endodontic Associates, Crest + Oral-B, Children’s Dentistry, Keystone Dental Arts, Garrison Family Dental, Evelyn M. Bryan, DMD, North Hampton Dental Group, Piscataqua Dental Partners, Portsmouth Dental, Seacoast Periodontics & Dental Implants, JD Howard Dental, LLC, Anne B. Filler, DMD, Locust Street Dental Center, Inc., Dr. Michael St. Germain, DMD, Daniel H. DeTolla, DDS at Seacoast Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center, John VerPloeg, DDS at Epping General Dentistry, Koglin Orthodontics, Seacoast Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Sheila Kennedy, R. Susan Horsley, DMD, Gregory L. Shaker, DDS and Kingston Family Dental. To learn more about Dental Health Month at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, visit https://www.childrens-museum.org/things-to-do/events/dental-health-month.

Here is a sampling of some of the dentist visits scheduled:

February 2, 4, 9, 16, 23 and 25 at 10am
Dr. Patrick Wilson from Great Outdoors Pediatric Dentistry, this month’s Toothbrush Sponsor will visit today.

Wednesday, February 17 at TBD

Anne Sleeper, registered dental hygienist and Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist will be visiting during the $3 after 3pm program to discuss the importance of good dental health, answer questions and give away coloring books. Anne coordinates Community Dental Education programs at Wentworth Douglass Hospital.

Wednesday, February 24, 10am-2pm

Keystone Dental will be here today and they’re bringing their mascot – Ribbit the Frog!

And here is a sampling of some Dental Health Month activities:

Owl Pellets – Do owls have teeth? How do they eat their food? Find out and also get a close look at the teeth of some of the rodents who became the owl’s lunch!

Art Activities & Games – Smile Masks, Toothbrush painting, Tooth Fairy Envelopes and Tooth Games!

Animal Skulls – We’ll take a close look at our goblin shark and beaver skull. We’ll try to figure out how they’re different and how their teeth help them eat.

Elephant Toothpaste – A favorite experiment at the museum, what ingredients can we mix together to make a fun, bubbly, foamy and exciting toothpaste mess?!

Tooth Story – Enjoy storytime with museum staff all about teeth!

Make Toothpaste Putty – Did you know you can make your own toothpaste? Using household ingredients we’ll mix up some toothpaste putty that will smell minty fresh!

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Storytime: SNOW

by Meredith Lamothe

Hi there! I am the Lead Educator at The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and also the host of Baby Storytime. I have a Bachelors Degree in Theatre from The University of Southern Maine and a Masters of Library and Information Science with a focus in Children’s Services from Simmons College.

I’m passionate about early literacy and excited to share information with you about our weekly Baby Storytime stories and activities. Join us for the next Baby Storytime which meets every Wednesday in the Museum's Primary Place exhibit at 9:30am.


Our theme today is perfect for the kind of weather we're having: SNOW!

Let's start with a rhyme about snowflakes:

Snow, Snow is falling down
Falling down onto the ground
it’s falling over here
And it’s falling over there
It’s falling so much that it’s everywhere!

Now, what could we do in all that snow? I know! We could ride in our little red sleds!

This one is to the tune of “Bumping up and down in my little red wagon

Slippin’ and Slidin’ in my little red sled
Slippin’ and Slidin’ in my little red sled
Slippin’ and Slidin’ in my little red sled
Won’t you be my darling?

It is snowy and the sled string’s broken
It is snowy and the sled string’s broken
It is snowy and the sled string’s broken
Won’t you be my darling?

It’s easy to fix with a big strong knot
Easy to fix with a big strong knot
Easy to fix with a big strong knot
Won’t you be my darling?

Slippin’ and Slidin’ in my little red sled
Slippin’ and Slidin’ in my little red sled
Slippin’ and Slidin’ in my little red sled
Won’t you be my darling?

And since we sang about slippin’ and slidin’ in sleds, I have to include my favorite bounce song “The Royal Duke of York” who likes marching armies up and down hills! I bet they wish they had sleds…:)

Now let's do another rhyme about snow. It's called “Five Little Snowmen” and we do this one counting on our fingers:

Five little snowmen standing in a row
Each one has a hat and a big red bow
Out came the sun and it shone all day
And one little snowman melted away!

Four little snowmen…
Three little snowmen…
Two little snowmen…

One little snowman standing in the row
He had a hat and a big red bow
Out came the sun and it shone all day
And that little snowman melted away!

Literacy Tip

Our literacy tip is about talking! Talking about books, making predictions and asking questions helps children understand things when they’re learning to read. Comprehension is an important pre-reading and reading skill. Some kids will learn to read and be able to fly through books, but at the end when asked “So, who was the good guy in that story?” They may have no idea, because although they’re reading – the comprehension is missing – and if that’s missing, those kids won’t stay motivated to read.

Asking babies a question or two about a book before you begin to read helps you and them get into that habit. Talking about books with your child gets them ready to read!

Our last song is about what to wear in the snow! It's called “Boots, Parka, Scarf and Hat” and is to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”–you can point to where these items of clothing go while singing this song!

Boots, Parka, Scarf and Hat
Scarf and Hat

Boots, Parka, Scarf and Hat
Scarf and Hat

Boots and Parka and Scaaaaaarf and Haaaaaat

Boots, Parka, Scarf and Hat
Scarf and Hat!

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A Message from the Queen of Hearts

Wonderland Tea Party Preview Web

Greetings, my dear ladies, lords, and all my precious citizens of Wonderland!

It is I, your Queen of Hearts, and I thought it high time to address you again! It has been an awfully long time since we last had a chat, hasn’t it? Why, I don’t believe I’ve spoken to many of you since our little party last February! Ah, what can I say? A queen’s work is never done! If I’m not policing those good-for-nothing cards in their rose painting, then I’m having my croquet game interrupted by some other impertinence! But I do remember our time together fondly. There were so many types of tea, lovely cookies, enchanting flowers, a plethora of hearts, of course, and I welcomed so many new lords and ladies into the Royal Court of Wonderland! Such allegiances truly do our fair land credit.

In fact, I rather feel like doing it again! Don’t you? Now, I’d never say that you must come – I’d never say that it was absolutely mandatory for all citizens of Wonderland that they come and enjoy tea and cookies and crafting with their ever-so-magnanimous Queen – I mean, really! Does that sound like something I’d say? But all the same, I do hope you’ll attend. Oh, and if any of you happen to see a rather mysterious blonde girl of apparently varying size, do tell me of her whereabouts. I can’t have just anyone traipsing through Wonderland! We shall see if she dares to show up!

Please do say you’ll come to my tea party! I’d be ever so thrilled to see you!

As always,

Your dear and faithful Queen

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Raffle Gives Great Odds of Winning

The Children’s Museum of NH is now selling raffle tickets for its annual car raffle fundraiser. Only 750 tickets are being sold at $100 each, giving purchasers the odds of 1 in 375 to win a prize. This year, the first place winner can choose between a 2016 Nissan 370Z sports coupe valued at over $30,000 or they can choose the $20,000 cash prize. Second place winner will win a custom African Safari for 4 (airfare not included) form A-Way-To Africa Safaris valued at $9,000.

“The car raffle began in 2012 and has become an annual event our supporters look forward to,” said Jane Bard, President of the Children’s Museum of NH in Dover. “As a non-profit organization, we need to be creative in raising funds for our educational programs and exhibits, as well as for our commitment to providing subsidized museum visits for schools and families in challenging circumstances. The 'Adventure' theme works well for both prizes and we hope to sell every ticket to support our mission.”

Tickets can be purchased online via the Museum’s website: www.childrens-museum.org or by calling 603-742-2002 during regular business hours. The raffle drawing will take place at a date to be determined in the spring of 2016 at Port City Nissan on the Spaulding Turnpike in Portsmouth, NH. Winners need not be present at the drawing to claim their prize.

Motortrend.com says the 2016 Nissan 370Z sports coupe offers “a great combination of straight-line speed and agility.” “This is not a family car,” notes Jane Bard “and that’s the appeal! You can get into this sports coupe and drive to the beach, the mountains…wherever! With this car, you can literally pick an adventure, and it will take you there in style!” In this raffle, the prospect of winning the second place prize is just as enticing as the first place prize. “This African Safari is completely customizable,” shares Jane. Winners can choose to visit Lake Manyara National Park, which Ernest Hemingway called “the loveliest I had seen in Africa,” or spend more time in Serengeti National Park, which to the Maasai means “the place where the land moves on forever” and whose ecosystem is one of the oldest on Earth.

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire thanks Port City Nissan, A-Way-To Africa Safaris, Manchester Regional Airport, NH1 News, Rock 101FM and Z107.1 FM for supporting this fundraiser. Purchasers of car raffle tickets must be 18 years or older, possess a valid driver’s license and provide proof of insurance. The winner is responsible for registration, title and all applicable federal, state and local taxes resulting from the award of this prize. A maximum of 750 tickets will be sold. If less than 375 tickets are sold, the raffle grand prize will be 50% of proceeds; the second prize will the African Safari. First place car or cash are not transferable. Second place African Safari can be transferred. Raffle tickets are not tax deductible.

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2015: A Look Back in Pictures

We're on the precipice of 2016 and the Children's Museum of New Hampshire can't wait to share with you all the fun we have in store for the coming year. But first - let's take a look back at the fun that stretched across all of 2015!


January is here, with eyes that keenly glow, A frost-mailed warrior striding a shadowy steed of snow.
- Edgar Fawcett


  • CMNH Educators Jenaya & Sarah meet Governor Maggie Hassan at the Inaugural Open House at the State House in Concord
  • CMNH Volunteer Barbara gets into the silly spirit in the Muse Studio for our Abstract Art workshop
  • The Dover Chamber of Commerce awards CMNH the Non-Profit of the Year award at Rivermill
  • Steampunk Octopus Bike Rack is happy that he's standing up on all 8 tippy-toes as we receive several feet of snow in 48 hours


Without Valentine's Day, February would be . . . well . . . January. - Jim Gaffigan
  • february.png?mtime=20151231170433#asset:
  • Lucas isn't a fan of the Tooth Fairy
  • Our visitors learn brushing tips from visiting dentists and dental hygienists as part of Dental Health Month
  • CMNH Educators Crystal, Jenaya, Meghan & Meredith find their inner superhero for a Make It OR Break It Club all about digital manipulation
  • It's Mardi Gras time at CMNH
  • Protect your heads, because the Queen of Hearts came to visit CMNH in February for a tea party
  • Our visitors get ready for the SuperBowl with New England Patriots face painting


It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens


  • Our Mosaic Unit for 2015 begins with a visit to Egypt with sand art, hieroglyphs, instruments, jewelry making, pyramid building . . .
  • . . . followed by cheery blossom art in Japan . . .
  • . . . and Leprechaun traps and the wearing of the green learning about Ireland
  • CMNH Media Producer Zach films one of scenes for the museum's STEM Video Series


April is a promise that May is bound to keep - Hal Borland


  • Clifford the Turtle arrives for the opening of the new Naturalist Study
  • The mind-bending fun of the Rubik's Cube is part of our exploration of Hungary during our Mosaic Unit
  • Curious George and The Man With the Yellow Hat meet our visitors in the Muse Studio
  • Junior Science Classes learn about the five senses - can you guess which one they learned about in April?
  • CMNH Exhibits Director Mark spreads the resin on the new wooden Naturalist Study table in time for the opening
  • Port City Nissan hosts the drawing of the Joyride Raffle with a Nissan Quest S Minivan up for grabs


"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May."- Edwin Way Teale


  • One of our Homeschool Scientists brings a spotted salamander to class - just because
  • More Mosaic: School children learn how to make lotus flower fans, how diverse the wildlife is, and how to do traditional dances of the country of Thailand
  • The Horta Brothers return to CMNH to show off their talented woodworking and mask making skills
  • Monty & C.J. of the Dover Mounted Patrol join our volunteers at the annual CMNH 5K Road Race
  • CMNH Director of Visitor Services Doug and Lead Educator Meredith prepare for Pirate Day
  • Current Wee Ones participants are joined by alumni for our first Wee Ones Weeunion


If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance - Bernard Williams


  • Jess Michaud is named CMNH Volunteer of the Year
  • WMUR covers the installation of free sunscreen dispensers in Henry Law Park
  • Make It OR Break It Club explores the wonder of Cyanotypes
  • It's time for psychedelic sponge paint turtles at Wee Ones Wednesdays
  • CMNH hosts our first ever Beatles Day
  • Stonyfield partners with CMNH once again on our Anyone Can Grow Food garden and programming
  • CMNH Educators Crystal, Sarah, & Riley join Visitor Services Supervisor Zach on a trip to the Boston Children's Museum for off-site exploration and learning
  • CMNH Educators Emily, Sarah and Jenaya open up for the first Monday of the summer
  • CMNH is open 7 days a week all summer long
  • The Dover Police Department visits CMNH as part of our Exploring Our Way program for children on the spectrum and their families


July - She will fly . . . - Simon & Garfunkel


  • Members of our monthly Alzheimer's Cafe program hold their annual summer picnic in Rye
  • CMNH Educators Crystal, Sarah and Jenaya get cosmic with NASA to celebrate Pluto Day
  • This little guy takes a big bite our of Shark Week
  • Bubbles, bubbles everywhere at CMNH Bubble Day


  • CMNH launched our first ever Superhero Week in July
  • Sponsored by Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH, Superhero Week was a great success that involved tons of super-powered activities and events
  • Including: Costume making with award-winning designer Khepera Von Stitches, Superhero Team Improv with local artist George Demosthenes, Mini Comic Book creations with local teacher Tom Bonello, not to mention a visit from the friendly, neighborhood Amazing Spider-Man himself!


Summertime . . . and the living is easy. - George Gershwin and Dubose Heyward


  • CMNH staff helped work this year's Seacoast Congress of Sound Festival in North Berwick, ME, with all proceeds being generously donated to CMNH
  • CMNH Sculpture Camp was a big hit
  • Broadway critics are still talking about our original production of "The Little Red Echidna"
  • Teddy Bears and all other stuffed friends were welcome for our annual Teddy Bear Clinic and Picnic, made possible by partnerships with Portsmouth Regional Hospital and Trader Joe's


  • All hands on deck! It's time for the Dover Mini Maker Faire!
  • Maker Faire featured hands-on workshops including one on how to make your own Biodegradable Seed Balls!
  • Vendors and Makers from around New England, like Nemo Equipment, showed off their wares
  • There really was something for everyone at this year's Maker Faire
  • Kids could make their own stomp rockets and then test them out in Henry Law Park


Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul! - Peggy Toney Horton


  • One World Language School taught guests how to speak Chinese during Toddlerfest
  • Northeastern Ballet Theatre gave special performances and taught guests some dance moves
  • C&J Bus Lines gave families a chance to touch a bus during Toddlerfest
  • A new addition to Primary Place were these light switch flower gardens
  • We were closed for the first two weeks of September to do a little cleaning and maintenance. It's really our only chance to get the pieces that get stuck up high from the Build It, Fly It exhibit!
  • Mark Cuddy worked on some new exhibits during closing weeks
  • Staff could be seen everywhere touching up the paint throughout the museum
  • Media Producer, Zach Foote visited the Maple Suites Retirment Community to give a presentation on social media to seniors
  • Train day was another huge success


I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. - L.M. Montgomery


  • October brought costumes, crafts and...Mad Scientists? The Not-So-Spooky spectacular was...well...spectacular.
  • The augmented reality sand table made it's debut and it's been a huge hit with guests of all ages!


November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces. - J.K. Rowling


  • Books Alive featured a Wild Thing named Moishe and a Wild Rumpus provided by the kids
  • PizzaFest was another fun and tasty fundraiser made successful by all the great pizza joints in town and Smuttynose Brewing Company
  • Master Woodcarvers Ventura & Norberto Fabian from Oaxaca, Mexico showed our guests how they transform simple hunks of wood into amazing animals and figures


December, being the last month of the year, cannot help but make us think of what is to come. - Fennel Hudson


  • Our first annual Jingle Bell Express was a lot of fun and a great collaboration between DeMeritt Hill Farm and C&J Bus Lines
  • The Naturalist exhibit gets a seasonal upgrade
  • Christmas trees were donated to several Festival of Trees in town, decorated b CMNH kids of course
  • Sam Paolini is the newest artist to grace the entrance of CMNH with her art
  • Workshops galore happened at the end of the month featuring holiday treats, Minecraft game design, and poetry
  • And we said farewell to another wonderful year and welcomed 2016 with our recycled paper hats and a lot of smiles

Thank you everyone for joining us in 2015. We hope to see you again soon and wish you all health, joy and peace in 2016!

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