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Traveling Maker Club: Maker Club is a multi-visit (4-6 weeks, once/week) traveling program that brings hands-on activities and fun right to your school! Designed to celebrate and explore creativity in both the arts and sciences, each weekly visit introduces a different topic and lets kids learn through doing. Maker Club also includes an open-ended Creation Station, where kids can use all different kinds of materials to make their own wacky and wild projects!

Maker Club is designed to celebrate and explore creativity in both the arts and the sciences with a variety of activities that engage critical thinking and inspire curiosity and discovery. Read more about Maker Club over on our blog!

Not a school? That's okay too! Maker Club can also travel to libraries or anywhere else that would like to offer exciting kids' programming!

Here are a few sample sessions:

This session focuses on electricity! Kids will get to see firsthand how electrical energy is stored, how it moves, and how it can be used to power lights, fans, and other machines. With that knowledge, they will then work on constructing Art Bots that can draw all by themselves!

Light is all around us, but there can be more to it than meets the eye! Or can there? This session focuses on optics and understanding light in the visual spectrum and beyond. We’ll also do some chemistry with light and create cyanotypes – photographs that are developed with sunlight and water!

This session shows kids that you don’t always need to go buy a toy – you can make one yourself! Activities will include cork launchers, CD hovercrafts, and stomp rockets, all of which are not only fun, but also present the opportunity to learn about the physics of movement!

This session explores the states of matter and their transitions. What kind of structure can you make out of ice? What happens when you microwave Ivory soap? Can you turn melted crayons into art? We’ll learn all about the why and how of matter moving between solid, liquid, and gaseous states.

The Traveling Maker Club can be customized to best suit your school's needs, but must be coordinated with an educator because of the multi-visit nature of this program. Because each school requires different things, the cost will vary per Maker Club.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call the Children's Museum of New Hampshire at 603-742-2002.

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