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The educators at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire are hitting the road!

We want to be a resource to you! We have outreach programs for small groups or large group presentations that will bring our high-quality, curriculum-based programs right into your classroom.

Please note that in July & August, the only program we travel is the library program.

Small Group Lessons

The cost per session is $175. Additional sessions, at the same venue, can be booked for $125 per session when booking the same program topic.

Up to 25 students per program session.

The full balance is due two weeks prior to the program.

Multiple sessions, for the same program, on the same day, may be booked in advance. No more than 3 sessions per day with no more than 30 minutes between sessions.

A fee of $.50 will be charged per mile for programs beyond a 20 mile radius of the museum.

Your Institution should supply the following for any Traveling Program:

  • An all purpose room that will comfortably fit a class of students
  • Seating & table tops for all participants (or floor space with butcher paper to work on).
  • 1 long 6 foot table or 2 smaller tables for display items
  • A Teacher and 3-4 other adult chaperones to assist the students
  • Access to sink for clean up (depending upon type of program)
  • 2-4 waste baskets
  • Some programs may require access to a monitor & DVD player

    Each class session will last approximately 45 minutes in length.


  • 15-minute introduction to the topic
  • 25 minutes of hands-on activities
  • 10-minute wrap up & clean up
  • For more information or to schedule a visit, please call the Children's Museum of New Hampshire at 603-742-2002.

    Grade: PreK-5
    Learn about the ancient Japanese art of fish printing "Gyotaku." Understand how it was used hundreds of years ago. Explore this traditional art form by creating your own fabric fish print to take home.

    RIVER ECOSYSTEMS: The Animal Food Chain & The Water Shed
    Grade: 3-6
    Learn about how people used the river hundreds of years ago and how people use rivers today. Discuss the animal food chain and explore the animals that live along the river and how they are interrelated. Using a large watershed model, students will explore the local waterways and experience the effects of our local watershed on the plant and animal life of the river.

    Grade: K-4
    Explore the Scientific Method by experiencing the process scientists go through to answer their questions. Learn about what they wear on site, how they record data and how they transport the fragile bones back to the laboratory. Dig into a mini site with other "scientist in training" and identify the dinosaur that has been unearthed.

    Grade: 1-4
    What is a simple machine? How does it work to make jobs easier? Identify the six simple machines and find examples of each in the museum and from our everyday surroundings. Students will then collaborate in small groups to create something that looks like or works like a simple machine.

    Grades: K-5
    This lesson introduces students to the wonders of New England's nocturnal animals. Why do these animals stay awake at night and sleep during the day? What special senses do owls have to help catch their prey in the dark? These questions and more will be explored and answered. Students will also participate in an interactive dissecting owl pellet activity and an animal sounds guessing game.

    OUR HEALTHY EARTH: Recycling
    Grades: 1 - 5
    This lesson highlights the importance of recycling and upcycling to keep our Earth a beautiful and healthy place to live. Students will play environmental guessing games, learn about the human footprint and take part in an interactive upcycling activity.

    NH HISTORY: Children in the Mills
    Grades: 2 - 5
    Students will have a unique opportunity to learn about the textile mills of Dover, and the different jobs and roles that children played in these mills. Students will learn how the roles of children of that era differ from the expectation of children today. Students will have an opportunity to engage in some of the mill jobs that children their own age would have performed.

    Related standards available upon request.

    Large Group Presentations

    Presentations for groups of 50-100 students
    Designed for Ages: 5-12
    Duration: One hour
    Fee: $240 per program, maximum enrollment of 100 children, includes all materials and travel within 20 miles or our Dover location. Multiple sessions held consecutively in the same location will receive a $50 discount on each additional session. A travel fee of 50 cents per mile will be required for locations beyond 20 miles of the Museum’s Dover location.

    About the program--
    Please Contact:
    Meredith Lamothe, Early Childhood and Literacy Coordinator
    603.742.2002 Ext 111

    To Book--
    Please Contact:

    Leila McRae, Bookings Manager
    603.742.2002—Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


    Join us on a jog through history as we investigate some of the most amazing inventions of all time! We’ll explore incredible ideas from electricity to the chocolate chip cookie and also the makers who had the creative (and healthy!) minds to make all of our favorite inventions come to life.

    A museum educator will lead children in a hands-on, exciting, informative and startlingly science filled presentation—with a focus on how maintaining a healthy mind sparks creativity and inventive thinking! This hour-long program will wrap-up with every participant making their own aluminum foil circuit that can really light up!


    How does flight work? Who are the pioneering highflying heroes in the history of aviation? Why does a kite fly through the air? These questions and more will be answered in this summer’s library outreach program from The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.

    A museum educator will lead children in a hands on, exciting, informative and startlingly science filled presentation. Watch as a real Bernoulli blower makes objects hover in the air, build and test paper flying contraptions and make a lunch sack kite to take home and fly!

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