Teddy Bear Clinic + Picnic

Stay tuned for 2017 dates

TBC12 DrDoug07

Our annual Teddy Bear Clinic is a chance for kids to bring in their favorite stuffed animals for a wellness check-up followed by a tea party. Each animal is checked in to our "clinic" with an ID bracelet, and each child brings their animal in to be examined by a volunteer healthcare professional.

Animals will be weighed and measured, and children will answer questions about their animal's health habits. Is bunny brushing her teeth? Does doggie get exercise every day? Does teddy ever get tummy aches? Is kittycat up to date on her shots?

The next stop is the surgical table. Most animals that visit our clinic are in need of a band-aid, stitches, stickers or even bows in their hair. Our surgical team can handle all these requests!

Before leaving the clinic, each animal will receive a certificate of good health to take home, along with a prescription for healthy eating and activities.

Then everyone is welcome to join us for a picnic featuring juice, fresh fruit and animal crackers. The picnic is usually held outside in the park in front of the Children's Museum of New Hampshire if weather permits.

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