Dino Detective

What will you discover from all the dino fossils?

The Augmented Reality Sand Table is now open!

Become a paleontologist!

Learn how geology affects where paleontologists dig for dinosaur remains with our Augmented Reality Sand Table. You can shape the landscape, creating rivers, mountains, dams, even making it rain or snow!

Don a pair of goggles, climb into a mountainside dig site and help unearth Triceratops fossils.

Take part in the scientific process as you compare its jaws, claws and vertebrae to those of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Which one was a carnivore and which one was an herbivore?

Measure your thigh against life-size replica femur bones to see how big these dinosaurs were.

Examine slides under a microscope and make rubbings of ammonite fossils to complete your scientific investigation.

"The new 3D topographic sandbox is amazing. We love this place and drive from Manchester to visit."

– Chad Maynard
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