Gallery 6

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Lean In

May 13 - September 2019

Richard Haynes, a Portsmouth, NH African American artist and the Associate Director of Admissions for Diversity at UNH has a collection of his works of art on view in the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire’s Gallery 6 art exhibition, “Lean In.” Haynes’ vibrant drawings ask us to use the universal language of “Love” to see how we can all rewrite a history that has not been fair to everyone. His art invites us to learn from one another’s cultures, religions, regions, backgrounds, traditions, and customs to make all our lives richer and filled with more empathy and tolerance. Visitors to the museum will have a chance to participate in a collaborative paper quilt that will be assembled and displayed towards the end of the art exhibition.

Gallery 6 Mission

Gallery 6 exhibitions celebrate and promote the arts in New Hampshire and beyond. The gallery space is designed to blend into the Children's museum of New Hampshire Studio space where children's artwork hangs, connecting the playful creativity of children to the serious investigations of artists. Our high-caliber exhibitions are often based on a theme that has relevance to other Children's Museum of New Hampshire exhibits, that promotes creativity or is of particular interest to families.

The Children's Museum of New Hampshire schedules 4-6 exhibits a year and has these exhibitions planned many months in advance.

Gallery 6 is open during regular Children's Museum of New Hampshire hours and there is no charge to view the exhibit. (Those wishing to visit the rest of the Children's Museum of New Hampshire as well must pay regular admission.)

Gallery 6 is supported by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Georgia-Pacific and the Fuller Foundation.



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