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September 20, 2019 - January 10, 2020
Reception: Friday, November 1, 5-7pm during the Dover Art Walk

Between the covers of a book lies thrilling adventure, emotion and drama, entertainment, education, and a way of stepping into others' lives and experiences...even if only in the mind. But what physically makes up a book, content aside? Technically: wood or fiber pulp, glue, sometimes thread, fabric or leather, and ink. Reading, for many is not just comprehension. It's the experience of holding an object, feeling its weight, smelling the paper, turning the pages, using a bookmark, snapping it shut. Yet, when reckoning with all the resources that it takes to create a physical book, even those who relish stepping into a library and standing in aw of the thousands of spines, can understand the logic behind digital reading tablet devices. Trading a hands-on experience for something virtual is a defining trait of the twenty first century.

Traditional books have a lifespan, as all objects do. They age. They become yellowed, wrinkled, torn, dog-eared, stained. Some people say "loved". What happens to those books whose prose no longer appeals to today's reader? Whose information is outdated? Whose manifestos are no longer inspiring? Whose points of view are intolerant; evidence of different era? Regardless of why they were put down, the evidence of the reader's personal relationship to the book-object is clear by its condition. As texts become digitized and archived for eternity, so that tangible history is lost, meanwhile forgotten books continue to crumble on lonely shelves.

The artists featured in Unbound in Gallery 6 inside the Children's Museum of New Hampshire, find new expression from within texts. Almost mischievously, they snip, rip, mark, fill, cover up, and create artwork from the shells and guts of books. In this deconstructing manner, they remark on the limits of written language and convey new phrases from color, negative and positive space, and transitions between materials. Thus, in this romance with tactility, stories are born through artwork from texts that no longer speak.

Living across New England but often drawing on international background and extensive domestic travels, the patchwork of each artists' professional and personal experience translates well to an exhibition that uses primarily collage as a tool of communication. 

Participating Artists

Lindsey Boss: Visual artist living and working in Boston, MA.

Corwin Levi: Mixed-media artist, curator, illustrator, arts writer, and attorney living in Harrisville, NH.

Conny Goelz Schmitt: Geometric collage, assemblage and sculpture artist residing in Beverly, MA.

Carolyn Sirois: Mixed media artist, writing instructor, and mum of two cool kids.

Wen-hao Tien: Visual artist, educator, and Assistant Director of Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies, Regional Studies.

Gallery 6 Mission

Gallery 6 exhibitions celebrate and promote the arts in New Hampshire and beyond. The gallery space is designed to blend into the Children's museum of New Hampshire Studio space where children's artwork hangs, connecting the playful creativity of children to the serious investigations of artists. Our high-caliber exhibitions are often based on a theme that has relevance to other Children's Museum of New Hampshire exhibits, that promotes creativity or is of particular interest to families.

The Children's Museum of New Hampshire schedules 4-6 exhibits a year and has these exhibitions planned many months in advance.

Gallery 6 is open during regular Children's Museum of New Hampshire hours and there is no charge to view the exhibit. (Those wishing to visit the rest of the Children's Museum of New Hampshire as well must pay regular admission.)

Gallery 6 is supported by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Georgia-Pacific and the Fuller Foundation.



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