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Organic Cartography

October 13, 2018 - January 3, 2019

Reception: Friday, November 2, 5-7pm (During the Dover Art Walk)

Traversing our Earth from varying aerial and x-ray perspectives, Organic Cartography highlights the similarities between seemingly disparate natural elements. Navigating with texture, pattern, scale, and line, the nine included artists explore the structures of forests, storm systems, constellations, geology, biological forms and much more.

Imaginative vantage points turn crowds into colorful dots, and stone surfaces into topographical maps. Harmony is found between the channels in wood bored by beetles, and the arrangement of trees in a landscape from above. In these ways, Organic Cartography gently guides us to the tension that exists between the perceived randomness and beautiful organization that is found everywhere in nature. By adjust the spacial distance between the viewer and the subject, like using a microscope, binoculars, or diving into a cross-section, we re-frame our surroundings. This process both ignites our curiosity, and prompts us to make new connections between ourselves and our world. Order and chaos, in fact, go more hand-in-hand than one would think.

Participating Artists:

Matthew Boehm (Hopkinton, NH)

Kyle Browne (Boston, MA)

Jackie Brown (Brunswick, ME)

Kayla Goulden (Portland, ME)

Kate Higley (Eliot, ME)

Sarah Hulsey (Somerville, MA)

Nathalie Miebach (Boston, MA)

Suzanne Pretty (Farmington, NH)

Miranda Updike (Ipswich, MA)

Art Raffle

35 Friends: 35 Years of Art and Creativity

Did you know that the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire was founded 35 years ago? 35 years means we’ve enjoyed seeing a lot of great art, not only created by our visitors, but also by professional artists who have generously shown their work here! Gallery 6 celebrated the museum’s long history of creative collaboration with a special summer exhibition and raffle. 35 artists from around New England, who have helped inspire and shape the museum with their creativity, donated works of art that were on view all summer. Visitors bought raffle tickets for a chance to win their favorite work of art.


Gallery 6 Mission

Gallery 6 exhibitions celebrate and promote the arts in New Hampshire and beyond. The gallery space is designed to blend into the Children's museum of New Hampshire Studio space where children's artwork hangs, connecting the playful creativity of children to the serious investigations of artists. Our high-caliber exhibitions are often based on a theme that has relevance to other Children's Museum of New Hampshire exhibits, that promotes creativity or is of particular interest to families.

The Children's Museum of New Hampshire schedules 4-6 exhibits a year and has these exhibitions planned many months in advance.

Gallery 6 is open during regular Children's Museum of New Hampshire hours and there is no charge to view the exhibit. (Those wishing to visit the rest of the Children's Museum of New Hampshire as well must pay regular admission.)

Gallery 6 is supported by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Georgia-Pacific and the Fuller Foundation.



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