Naturalist's Study

New exhibit now open!


Thanks to a generous gift from the Little Harbor Charitable Foundation, we opened a new exhibit, the Naturalist Study, in April. The Naturalist Study is a place where children and families can examine specimens from nature and explore elements from the natural world.

“The new Naturalist Study features specimens and activities that will rotate throughout the year to reflect what children are seeing outside,” explained Mark Cuddy, Exhibits Director for the Children’s Museum of NH. "We rotate The Naturalist Study exhibits by season so there is always something new to see. Rocks from the Woodman Museum will be on display through June, 2016. We'll then have a short exhibition on Sharks for Shark Week, my favorite. We'll end the summer with an exhibit all about local wildlife in the Gulf of Maine. There will always be something new for kids to discover at different times of the year.”

The Naturalist Study features a long piece of live edge black walnut, sealed and mounted as a scientist’s desk. This beautiful piece of wood was donated by Highland Hardwoods of Brentwood. On the wall above the desk are custom-made display cabinets housing delicate specimens like the Children's Museum of New Hampshire's Goblin Shark skull and other artifacts.

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