One World

Explore the world in these three cultural exhibits

Masks: The Art of Disguise

Ready for a different perspective? Explore our amazing array of masks from Mexico, Africa and Japan. Put one on and experience the transformation. Investigate how wooden masks are constructed, and drum out a world beat in celebration.

Adventures in Travel … what in the world?

See yourself in the desert or on a glacier with someone else's luggage. What's inside and how can you use it to create your own adventures? Packed with lost treasure, unexpected objects, costumes and props, come up with your own wacky combinations and see where your imagination can take you!

Kids' World Café

Discover the cuisine, language and beauty of Mexico in our popular cafe exhibit! While our youngest visitors prepare and serve you foods like enchiladas, burritos and flan, kids and adults alike can enjoy the beautiful murals and decorations that bring this space to life. Feel free to take a recipe home with you or leave one that your family has passed down through generations. Sharing family traditions encourages children and adults to talk with one another about what makes their own culture and other cultures special.

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