Family Book Club

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What is Family Book Club?

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Family Book Club is a time to get together as a family to read, create, eat, and discuss. Once a month we will choose a story for you to read together. We will also organize a craft, discussion questions, and more to go along with that story.


We love literacy and we love learning - we love families and we love food. It’s a new way to think about reading. Children will love seeing their grown-ups read the same book as them and grown-ups will love having exciting points to discuss with little ones around the dinner table.

The books we choose will generally be for ages 3+

Family book club all takes place within the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to come to the museum on a certain date and at a certain time - you can choose what time works best for you to explore the story - we are just providing all the tools you need. You can do all the activities we put together - or you can choose a couple or just one! It’s up to you.

Ready to get started? 

Follow these simple instructions:

  • Find a way to acquire the book that we have picked (check your local library - there are also often YouTube videos of folks reading the books we pick that you can watch!)
  • Read the book together as a family
  • Make crafts together that relate to the story - use them to decorate your table, or wherever you eat together as a family
  • Look over the recipes we provide for a healthy dinner to make - make part or all of this dinner together
  • Discuss the book over dinner
  • Discuss a “Family Service Project” related to the story
  • Have fun!

November Book Pick:

Download the PDF here >>

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
by Marjorie Priceman

Let’s get started!
Start by reading the book together - many libraries have this book as it is a bit older (published 1994!) there is also an excellent youtube video of a reading of the book that you can find here: 


Craft time!

It’s fun to decorate a bit before you have your book discussion. Try making this simple craft:

Materials Needed:
Coffee filter (1 per craft-maker)
Washable markers
Spray bottle

To Make:

  • Cut apple shapes out of the coffee filters
  • Color with washable markers--the more color the better!
  • Spray the apple a few times with the spray bottle - watch the colors run and mix!
  • If you want to prop up your apples (you could use them as place cards!) tape them onto a paper tube! (paper towel cut into smaller pieces works best!)

Family Discussion Questions:

  • In the book, the little girl visits lots and lots of different places - which one would you most like to visit? Why?
  • The little girl also gathers a lot of different ingredients to make the pie! Did you know where all these ingredients came from? Were there any ingredient origins that surprised you?
  • The little girl travels to different places and countries using a wide variety of transportation options--which one would you most like to try? Why? Have you traveled using any of these modes of transport before?
  • Near the end of the book, the little girl has to do a lot of work to make the ingredients she gathered ready for the pie--were some of these procedures new to you? What tools does she use to make the ingredients workable for her pie? Have you used any of these tools before?
  • If the little girl had to gather ingredients to make vanilla ice cream, where do you think she would travel to get those items?
  • Where would you need to travel to get the ingredients for your favorite treat?
  • What holiday is celebrated in November that often has apple pie…?!

Family Book Club Dinner Menu:

Whole wheat spaghetti/other pasta and sauce (your choice!)
Mixed greens salad with apples!
Apple pie, of course!

In the story, the first place the little girl travels is Italy to get some “superb semolina wheat” which she uses to make flour. Wheat makes lots of different foods - including pasta! 

For your pasta, cook up your favorite kind and top with your favorite sauce. Chat about other places where you can get wheat if you don’t have time to take a boat to italy…!

For your salad, put together your favorite mix of greens and veggies. Throw some apples on top for a sweet touch - and nod to the story!

For the apple pie, follow the recipe below taken from the last page of the book. You can, of course, buy some crust to make the task a bit easier--or make some other form of delicious apple-y dessert!



Family Service Project:

Family service projects can benefit a large group of people (ex. Picking up litter, donating food to a food bank, volunteering at an event)--or just be small acts of kindness within your own home. We are going to start with a small service project.

November is a time for being thankful!

  • Start a thankful jar/box inside your house.
  • Everyone should Try adding a slip of paper every day with something they are thankful for.
  • At the end of the month, share everything that has been put into the jar together as a family.
  • Is there something you are thankful for that others may not have?
    Is there a way to extend this small service project into something bigger?
    Discuss together as a family!
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