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What is Family Book Club?

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Family Book Club is a time to get together as a family to read, create, eat, and discuss. Once a month we will choose a story for you to read together. We will also organize a craft, discussion questions, and more to go along with that story.


We love literacy and we love learning - we love families and we love food. It’s a new way to think about reading. Children will love seeing their grown-ups read the same book as them and grown-ups will love having exciting points to discuss with little ones around the dinner table.

The books we choose will generally be for ages 3+

Family book club all takes place within the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to come to the museum on a certain date and at a certain time - you can choose what time works best for you to explore the story - we are just providing all the tools you need. You can do all the activities we put together - or you can choose a couple or just one! It’s up to you.

Ready to get started? 

Follow these simple instructions:

  • Find a way to acquire the book that we have picked (check your local library - there are also often YouTube videos of folks reading the books we pick that you can watch!)
  • Read the book together as a family
  • Make crafts together that relate to the story - use them to decorate your table, or wherever you eat together as a family
  • Look over the recipes we provide for a healthy dinner to make - make part or all of this dinner together
  • Discuss the book over dinner
  • Discuss a “Family Service Project” related to the story
  • Have fun!

March Book Pick:

Download the PDF here >>

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)
Written by Philemon Sturges and Illustrated by Amy Walrod

Let’s get started!
Start by reading the book together. There is also an excellent youtube video of a reading of the book that you can find here: 


Craft time!

It’s fun to decorate a bit before you have your book discussion. Try making this craft:

Material Suggestions:
Plastic Cup
Feathers (either real, or made of paper!)
Googly eyes (or you can draw eyes)
A paper beak
Any other decorations!

To Make:

  • Put a cup upside down
  • Decorate to look like a little red hen...or other bird! Or other animals from the story

Family Discussion Questions:

  • In the story, nobody wants to help the little red hen do anything to help maker her pizza! How would the story have been different if her friends had agreed to help?
  • In the classic tale of the Little Red Hen, she is baking a loaf of bread. If you were to write your own version, what would you have her baking? What things would she forget and need to ask her friends to help her with?
  • There are lots of funny "side" illustrations throughout the book - did you notice any? Flip through the book again and look closely at the illustrations. What do you see?
  • This book uses collage illustrations - have you ever made a collage? Or seen other books that use this art form?
  • Do you ever feel like the Little Red Hen when nobody wants to help you? Do you ever act like the friends who do not feel like helping because they are too busy playing? How could you be more helpful or better at asking for help?
  • How do the friends finally end up helping the Little Red Hen at the end of the story? Why do you think they decided to finally help her out?

Family Book Club Dinner Menu:

Main Course:
Pizza, of course!

Cook up your family's favorite kind of pizza. Hannaford has a great selection of pre-made doughs and sauces to make pizza night a little bit easier. We included a recipe below for a "healthful Hawaiian pizza" that we thought looked delicious!

Side Dish:
Savory Roasted Eggplant Spread

The Little Red Hen makes several comments about pickled eggplant! That doesn't sound tasty, not one bit! We did manage to find an eggplant recipe that sounded delicious - the recipe is included below.



It's not everybody's favorite, but we thought this healthful Hawaiian pizza looked super tasty! Add whatever you'd like to your own "lovely little pizza"

Eggplant Spread

If only the Little Red Hen had known that eggplant didn't have to be pickled - try this roasted egpplant dip as a yummy appetizer or side dish. Try it with Veggies or crackers!

Family Service Project:

Family service projects can benefit a large group of people (ex. Picking up litter, donating food to a food bank, volunteering at an event)--or just be small acts of kindness within your own home. 

Helping Out!

The classic story of the Little Red Hen is an old folk tale - written to teach children the values of a good work ethic.

In the story, the Little Red Hen has to do all of the work for her pizza by herself, but she never gives up - she perseveres!

Find a project to do together as a family - this can be something simple like washing the dishes, or something more complex like a project in the yard!

Discuss the value of teamwork while you are working and think of some other small or large projects that you can do together as a family - many hands make light work!

Family Book Club is sponsored by Hannaford


Family Book Club Library:

Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli

Everybody Cooks Rice

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

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