Accessibility & Inclusion


The entire Children's Museum of New Hampshire is wheelchair accessible.

Front doors and restrooms can be opened using large push buttons. A wide ramp and an elevator connect the first and second floors.

All restrooms and water fountains are wheelchair accessible and the Children's Museum of New Hampshire's second floor family restroom is equipped with an adult-sized changing cot.

One-on-one aides or therapists are admitted free when they visit with their client.

Service animals are always welcome.

Handicap accessible parking spaces are located alongside the Children's Museum of New Hampshire on Washington Street. A ramp leads from parking to our front door.

Sensory Accommodations – Children on the autism spectrum and their families can visit the Children's Museum of New Hampshire during Exploring Our Way, an exclusive time on the first Sunday of the month from 10am – 12 noon during the school year.

Museum Advanced Planning Picture Stories, (MAPPS) are available on our website and at the front desk.

The Children's Museum of New Hampshire has child-size noise-canceling headphones and social stories to lend at the front desk.

If your child needs a quiet spot, visit these areas:

First Floor:

  • Nook exhibits under the ramp
  • Osprey Nest
  • Nook beneath the Osprey Nest
  • Then & Now Diner
  • Mapping Room (during Exploring Our Way Sundays)
  • Millworkers Trolley
  • Yellow Submarine

Second Floor:

  • Pattern Palace
  • Out of the Box in Primary Place – for children of toddler age or younger
  • Butterfly Garden in Primary Place - for children of toddler age or younger

If your child needs pressure, several exhibits on the first floor have cranks or other features that require effort to move:

  • River Model
  • Build It, Fly It towers
  • Fish Ladder in Cochecosystem Nature
  • Cochechosyterm Industry – Power Train model
  • Turning the propeller in the Yellow Submarine
  • First Impressions (Pin Screen)
  • Cash register in Kids' Café
  • Weaving Looms in Cochecosystem Industry

If your child has difficulty with transitions, we recommend visiting towards the end of the day. Museum staff members will make several announcements in preparation for 5:00pm closing. At that time, all visitors are encouraged to visit their favorite exhibit one more time, then make their way to the coatroom and depart for home.

Admission Discounts: The Children's Museum of New Hampshire'sReach All Initiative helps develop financial resources that support visits by families in challenging circumstances. Every year, the Children's Museum of New Hampshire welcomes over 110,000 visitors, 28% of whom come through our doors for free or reduced admission. Ensuring accessibility to museum experiences for all is a central part of our mission, and we believe that to serve as a critical resource for families, we must meet the needs in our community. More info at Museum Access for All.

If you have any questions related to accessibility, please call the Children's Museum of New Hampshire at (603) 742-2002 or email: before your visit.

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