Group Visit + STEAM Lab


Group Visit + S.T.E.A.M. Learning Lab: A 2.5-hour visit featuring creative science inquiry based activities (see tabs below for choice of topics) related to the Next Gen Science Crosscutting Concepts (60 minutes) plus free exploration time within the Children's Museum of New Hampshire (1.5 hours). We can accommodate up to two classrooms of students per visit.

Required: Visit must be scheduled in advance. One adult chaperone for every 5 children

Fees: $9 per child. One free adult per every 5 children. A 50% deposit is required at least two weeks in advance of your scheduled visit.

To book: Please call the Children's Museum of New Hampshire at 603-742-2002 on weekdays 9am-5pm.

Click here if you want our Educators to come to you for a Traveling Program!

Choose one of these 60-minute educator-led programs:

Mission to the Moon
Learn all about our cosmic sidekick, and take a look at how the Earth and Moon affect each other.

The Blueprint for You
What makes you YOU? It’s all in your DNA! See some DNA for yourself and learn more about your body’s instruction manual.

Birds, Beaks, and Adaptations
Would a woodpecker be able to gather food in a pond? How successful would a duck be gathering food on a prairie? Find out in this hands on Lab all about bird beak adaptations.

Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart!
The first in an upcoming series of Simple Machine Lab visits, this session focuses on the lever—let gravity do the work.

Up, Up, and Away!
We’ll introduce the Engineering Design Process in this create-and-test Lab all about flight!

Water: Who Needs It?
Using an interactive display, explore the local watershed and it’s effects on the people, plants and animals that rely on it to live. Learn about the interdependent relationships of the lives that exist along the rivers and water-ways.

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