Group Visit + STEAM Learning Lab


Group Visit + S.T.E.A.M. Learning Lab: A 2.5-hour visit featuring a 45 minute project based STEAM lesson, and free exploration time within the Children's Museum of New Hampshire. We can accommodate up to three classrooms of students per visit. Choose from these 45 minute lessons.

Required: Visit must be scheduled in advance. One adult chaperone for every 5 children

Fees: $10 per child. One free adult per every 5 children. A 50% deposit is required at least two weeks in advance of your scheduled visit.

To book: Interested in a Group Visit? Fill out this form and email it back to us and we'll help you get it set up! Please note: This is a request and not a confirmation of your visit. This request does not secure your visit. You will receive an email confirmation from a museum representative within five business days of your request.

If looking to book a visit, please do so as soon as possible because dates fill up quickly.

Click here if you want our Educators to come to you for a Traveling Program!

Choose one of these 45-minute educator-led programs:

Birds, Beaks, and Adaptations - Grades 1-5
Would a woodpecker be able to gather food in a pond? How successful would a duck be gathering food on a prairie? Students will take on the role of a certain bird, and must determine which habitat they are best suited for in this hands-on Lab all about bird beak adaptations.

Deep Sea Creatures - Bioluminescence: Grades K-5
This lesson introduces students to the deepest darkest sections of the ocean and the amazing bioluminescent creatures that live - and glow there! This program has vibrant images, videos, fascinating information and ends with a glowing sea creature matching game! Students will also make a glowing fish project to take home.

All ABout Owls: Grades 1-5
Learn about owls and their nighttime environment in this hands-on class. Explore how owls have adapted to survive at night with their heightened senses through several interactive educator-led experiments. At the end of this class, students will learn about and dissect owl pellets in small groups.

Mind-Blowing Matter, Grades 1-5
Learn about and explore the states of matter with educator-led demonstrations and interactive stations. Students will make an incredible shrink paper suncatcher and watch matter change before their eyes!

Levers: Grades 1-5
This hands-on learning lab focuses on one of our favorite simple machines - the lever! Students will experiment with different types of levers and create their own version of a lever to take home. Let gravity do the work!

Up, Up, and Away! Grades K-5
We'll introduce the Engineering Design Process in this create-and-test lab all about flight! Museum educators will lead demonstrations showcasing different styles of flight students are then invited to use recycled materials to create their own flying or floating contraptions to test out in our Built It, Fly It exhibit.

The Watershed Challenge: Grades 1-5
Using an interactive display, explore the local watershed and its effects on the people, plants, and animals that rely on it to live. Learn about the food chain, and the interdependent relationships of people, plants, and animals that rely on the watershed. Students will face the challenge of creating a water filter to remove pollution from contaminated water, and will discuss keeping water clean in our communities.

Creative Circuits: Grades 2-5
Museum educators will challenge students to look at circuits in a whole new way with this arts-integrated workshop. Students will get up and move as they explore theater-inspired creative circuit movement. Then students dive into creating their own animal constellation circuit designs to take home - with a star that really lights up!

Orientation Video for Groups Visiting CMNH

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